Top-coat render

Pure clay-based earth render
12 ready-to-use basic shades
90 tints can be used

The top-coat render is applied in a single layer which is no more than 3 or 4 mm thick. It is packaged in a 25 kg bag. 12 ready-to-use basic shades enable a total of 90 tints to be used according to the DESIGN RANGE colour chart.

It is made of clay and super-fine sand, as well as natural ochres for certain colours.

The top-coat render is perfect for obtaining a really neat, extra-fine finish. 11 mineral or vegetable admixtures are available in a sachet (to be added to the bag) to create a different final render.

It can be applied to all smooth materials in the home such as plaster sheeting, plaster, lime/sand renders and already painted walls etc.


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