Good tools should be used for a high standard of application

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The essentials

824-i (1)
Stainless steel trowel
(CODE : SPATINOX) 240 X 100 X 0,5
Trowel made of food-grade stainless steel which is specially designed for earth renders. The blade is quite flexible and it has rounded corners to facilitate efficient smoothing.
spatule-inox-argilus (1)
Stainless steel plastering trowel
(CODE : PETITESPATINOX) – 200 X 80 X 0,5
Stainless steel plastering trowel for small surfaces or for a novice installer.
817-trasparente-Blu (1)
Plastic trowel
(CODE : SPATPLAST) – 240 X 100 X 1
Trowel for decoration made of very light PVC. 1 mm thick transparent blade. Ideal for smoothing and finishing top-coat or single-coat renders.
880 (1)
Blue sponge float
(CODE : TALOCHEP) – 215 X 135 X 14
Float made of blue rubber. Hard texture. Rubber thickness 14 mm. Wood or plastic handle. This float is essential for finishing renders and single-coat renders. Don’t use A YELLOW OR ORANGE FLOAT. They are not suitable for clay-based renders. They are too soft and the holes in the surface of them are too large.
Corner trowel
(CODE : SPATCOINS) – 100 X 125
Stainless steel trowel for indoor and outdoor corners. An important tool if you want to have regular corners rather than rounded ones. Rounded corners are advised if you are using earth renders.
Distemper brush
Brush with a wooden handle and real pig hair which is used for providing a corded effect to the distempers. We advise soaking the brush in water for 24 hours before applying the distemper in order to avoid losing too many hairs during the application.
Spalter brush
The spalter brush is used only for applying our protective waxes and the Argilus fixative.
Polishing glove
Sheepskin glove for polishing ARGILUS stuccoes and obtaining a shiny, sparkling finish.
Finishing sponge
(CODE : EPONGE) – 160 X 110 X 60 CM
A real sponge for washing the fibres and removing the final grains of sand from the surface of the renders. Polyester material to make it more hard-wearing.

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