Argilus, the French manufacturer of clay-based renders and ecological and responsible construction materials

ARGILUS, the leading French manufacturer of renders and clay-based products, is located in the Vendée department (85) in the west of France between la Roche-sur-Yon and Luçon. The company has its own clay quarries close to its manufacturing and conversion site which covers an area of roughly 10 hectares and includes 3,000 m² of buildings.

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Key figures

  • 1 M. m² of render installed
  • 165 shades of available
  • 300 listed installers
  • 200 listed distributors

Our current products

The choice of materials and building techniques has a direct influence on these variables and on the feeling of comfort within your home.
When you decide to use unfired clay you are choosing not only a material whose qualities have been recognised for thousands of years but also the natural levels of performance of an exceptional material.

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