Argilus, the manufacturer of clay-based renders which puts ecology at the heart of its research

One of the main challenges of the 21st century will be the climate and environment on our planet. Our economies will have to adapt to new environmental rules if we want to preserve and improve our way of life. ARGILUS contributes to these changes by offering products which are clean and healthy for your home.

ARGILUS is the leading French manufacturer of renders and clay-based products, stuccoes and distempers

ARGILUS is located in the Vendée department (85) in the west of France between la Roche-sur-Yon and Luçon. The company has its own clay quarries close to its manufacturing and conversion site which covers roughly 10 hectares and includes 3,000 m² of buildings.

3 production lines are necessary for the manufacture of renders, distempers, concrete and cob.

They have been designed and studied specifically to ensure that the clay can be worked on them under the best possible conditions.

Argilus in pictures


Creation of Argilus and start of R&D work on unfired clay
Setting up of the distribution network in France
Setting up of the distribution network in Belgium
Setting up of the distribution network in Switzerland, Italy and the United Kingdom
Launch of the Baticlay range of external renders
Launch of the Argilus clay concrete
Over 1,000,000 square metres of internal and external renders applied
Acquisition of extra areas around the quarry and the production site
Start of the works on the operations buildings
Installation of a new automated production line
Installation of 3 solar trackers for powering the whole operational site
Creation of over 3,000 m² of outdoor paved storage area