Clay distempers

8 basic shades with and without wax, 46 tints available

The clay DISTEMPER looks like a very thick coat of paint with a corded effect due to the ARGILUS distemper brush. This product is applied in 2 fine coats about 24 hours apart.

It is packaged in a 5 kg bag. 8 ready-to-use basic shades enable a total of 46 tints to be used according to the DESIGN RANGE colour chart.

The ARGILUS distemper is made of super-fine clay, lime admixtures, high-calcium hydrated lime and natural ochres. An ARGILUS protective wax enables the product to be sponged and gives it a light satin finish.

It can be applied to all smooth construction materials in the home such as plaster sheeting, plaster and already painted walls… etc.


The available shades

8 ready-to-use basic shades, 46 tints can be used

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